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HP talks branding with Burton

HP has released another celebrity based TV commercial and microsite aimed at creatives. Their last venture with Gwen Stafni yielded a good TV commercial and a very lackluster online experience. This time they are it is fronted by snowboarding godfather Joe Burton who focuses on branding and identity. Unlike the first attempt this micro site has content, depth and a reason to be engaged and explore. It is not all great as the the cookie cutter “creative” content does re-appear in the form of “Build your own identity” which will let you choose from a few simple options to create basic collateral. The sites moves forward with “Building a brand identity” that is a documentary video of designer and identity crafts woman Paula Scher. “Inside Burton” and “Known your customer” take you through the Burton offices and their creative process through things like their inspiration books. It is nice to see a brand keep working at a concept and improve upon their first attempt. The simple addition of deep content and a more mature subject matter make all difference.

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