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Multi-participant online advertising –

Today I am taking a break from talking about everyone else’s work to talk about a new online advertising campaign for Sheraton that I have been a part of that launched today.

Sheraton has the simple one word tagline of ‘Belong’. For the digital space we look at that brand position to be the concept of community and it is what drove the re-design of to be the first hotel site to include user generated content and our being one of the three launch partners for Microsoft’s multi-user Surface technology. We have now extended the concept into our online advertising bringing that concept of community to life in what I think is a really break through.

The new campaign is the first one I know of that let’s multiple participants interact with each other through a single ad unit or landing page. The first execution in the campaign is a pillow fight that takes place in one of our rooms so when you mouse over the ad unit a pillow attaches to your cursor and you can bash it into other users pillows and watch the feathers fly. Each ad will let you interact with 5 different live users at once for a set period of time before it time’s out showing a call to action. The ads are flighting to major sites now but if you can’t wait you can experience the same thing on the campaign’s landing page now.

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