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Sony Rec You

With the introduction o the iPod I never thought I would hear the word Walkman again but this week it came back to life with a new site from Sony called Rec You. The site supports the launch of the new and improved Walkman which can now record TV (I am not sure why you would want that but here we are).

The site lets you generate a digital portrait of yourself which is animated using Motion Portrait technology to it’s head while wearing a Walkman. The process is a lot like Simponize Me where you upload a photo of yourself against a white background and the sites does the rest. I tried several photos and was disappointed with the quality of the final product as well as the fact that I could not find any way to send the result to a friend. Since only part of the site is in English i may have simple missed it but it is a huge miss if they left it out. Once you creation is complete you join a tiled wall of other creations which creates a digital chorus of headphone-wearing, Walkman-rocking virtal people. You can watch this viral video on YouTube that was created to show the process and resulting virtual person.

So in the end the site is an interesting diversion though you feel like you have done it all before in one way or another. I am also surprised that the actually product they are promoting takes such a backseat as I think most people will go through the process to see how they look animated and not pay attention the fact that product is supposed to be the source of everyone bobbing along.

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