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Find your Epsonality

I don’t think anyone would ever consider buying a printer very sexy or even that terribly interesting. Espon recently launched a campaign to try and add a little more spice to the process called “Epsonality“. It is obvious by the name that this is their spin on an online personality tests as they want to match you to your idea printer.

You arrive at your perfect match by taking a three question test made of questions that work well to ask standard questions in a different and funny way. This humor and production value goes a long way to make the process engaging and quick to complete and get you to the a result and more information.

After spending some time with it I only have two criticisms of the site. First, the strength and the weakness of the site is the use of video to deliver the experience. On my FIOS connection the site sang along and looked great but the problem came when I cranked down my bandwidth it became clear that it needs a better bandwidth sniffer to serve to switch you to a smaller video stream and prevent hick-ups or a non-video alternative. Second, the visual design of the site feels like they married of two different designs design solutions together as the home page switches from the studio set intro video to a very graphic screensaver style with no connection to bind the two together.

These small hick-ups aside the site does a nice ob of creating a compelling experience that will appeal with their broad user base to help them come to an informed decision.

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