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ING Needs To Go

I see a lot of online advertising and there isn’t much of it that is doing anything different but the new campaign from financial company ING is an exception with their new campaign called “I Need To Go“. ING needed to promote personal checking which isn’t a very sexy sell so they decided to try bathroom humor to get the job done. Instead of fart jobs you literally go to the bathroom by choosing what you need to do and then hear from the bathroom attendant why you do not need to pay her. This transitions into the site sliding side to side to allow you to move back and forth between the promotional bathroom site and the bank’s site as the attendant is explaining the ING account so you can see what she’s talking about. I am conflicted about all of this because it really succeeds at getting and keeping your attention as you try and figure out what is going on. That being said I always crave campaigns that are original in a clever and smart way rather than the easy solution of just being shocking to get attention. You also have to wonder what the conversion will be on something like this that is a close to a bait and switch so you have to think that the probability they would convert a visitor is pretty low. What do you think of this? Genius? A high grade fart joke? Something in between?

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