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Uniqlo Grid

Flash wiz kid Yugo Nakamura and retailer Uniqlo are at it again as they have just launched an entertaining and collaborative site called Uniqlo Grid.

The is obviously a grid that allows visitors to manipulate their logo in a variety of sizes and colors. You manipulate them by dragging your mouse around a logo to split it up into smaller logos, clicking and drawing a circle around a group will combine them into a larger image and double clicking on a logo will let you can spin it 180 or 360 degrees. This by itself is fun and engaging but you are also doing it conjunction with other users from all over the world so it become a living community created work of art. A bar at the top of the page shows which user is making which moves and where in the world they are from. In a nice tie in to the brick and mortar store, the most fetching designs will eventually be put on display at select Uniqlo boutiques.

The site is an interesting exercise in global collaboration squarely centered around their brand but for me it lacks the sizzle and sheer coding tour de force of their original site launch. I guess that is always going to happen when you try and follow something as impressive as that.

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