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Adobe’s Flash On isn’t very bright

Adobe has launched a new microsite called Flash On which they are using to promote the fusion of online and television. I sent a lot of time going through the site to be sure I experience it all and in the end it still left me feeling like I was missing something.

The site is simple enough with a collection of thumbnails and a drop down in the upper right hand corner that will let you organize them. I started by clicking through the thumbnails and found a mixed bag of content that spans several categories and quality levels. Once that exploration was finished it I realized that this didn’t do justice to any of the mediums or their brand – so what was the point here?

From an Internet or interactive standpoint the site is missing almost all the standard things you would want like forward to a friend or a simple search field. One of the guys I work with wanted to show me a video and we gave up after surfing through several categories and never being able to find it.

From a television stand point the video decent quality and loads quickly there isn’t anything new or really that exceptional here.

From a brand standpoint there is a small button in the bottom right that bring up a screen that talks about how Adobe tools are at the forefront of this media fusion but there is no payoff. Did they use their programs to create the work? Did it give them an advantage in the market place? How are they creating this fusion? Where are the interactive video experience that are more than a passive viewing experience that use the power of the interactive medium to go beyond what you can on TV? Without answers to these questions the payoff is just that they can give you a server technology to play video in Flash which would be great if the campaign launched three years ago.

At this point all I can do is hope there is a version 2.0 coming that will make this site more than a Flash version of YouTube with very little content.

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