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Discovery starts with you – the new

I am very proud to announce that another one of my long term projects for Starwood has launched with the new It was created with North Kingdom who is a Swedish interactive design firm and most recently created the Get the Glass game that won Gold at Cannes.

The goal of the site was to let guests take an interactive journey into the world of Le Meridien by placing them in control of their own experience. This starts with the homepage uses Papervision 3D to create a three dimensional space that allows customers to navigate through the world of Le Meridien by selecting images associated with hotels, LM100 members, brand initiatives, and special offers. This is not only visually engaging but this type of image based navigation is a first for the hospitality industry.

In addition to the visuals we created an original sound experience working with French composer Henri Scars Struck. It uses 300 music and unique sounds samples mixed dynamically with changing background music to create a sound collage that is unique to each user and each visit to the site. The background music that will change depending on the time of day we can do globally depending on where the customer is located. The schedule is 6am – 12pm is Water, 12pm – 6pm is Forest, 6pm – 12am is Market and 12am – 6am is Nature. This experience is mirrored on Le Meridien properties as the sound scape Henri created also plays in the Lobby and elevators.

Destination Canvas
One of the most unique aspects of the new site is its Destination Canvas which is an innovative concept that is unique not only in the hospitality industry. It offers a creative platform that connects guests’ personal interests with Le Meridien hotels and destinations by selecting visuals from an image library that depicts their desired experience and interests. Once they make their selection, the images corresponding to their passions are put on a canvas where they can size and position them to correspond with their what they feel is their importance in the final experience. Once they are satisfied with their creation the sizing and positioning are used as search criteria to find Le Meridien properties that would best match their interests.

LM100 is a community of creative experts and cultural innovators from the fields of art, architecture, cuisine, design and fashion which are Le Meridien’s passion points. All members where photographed by Ralph Gibson who is a legendary American photographer and a member of LM100. My small claim to fame is that part of me appears in one of the Ralph Gibson photographs of world famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. I am standing behind him to create the black background you see in the photo because we shot him in his restaurant in Central Park West early one morning and I was the only large dark object in the room.. I knew being this tall about come in handy some day.

On the site you can explore LM100 members’ videos, gallery, and podcasts providing insights into our members’ perspectives into the creative process. We will also be involving these individuals in curating original experiences for Le Méridien hotels worldwide by offering their creativity for projects and interactive initiatives.

So go and check out the site. Explore, create and have fun.

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  1. Andy

    December 4, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    Hey Stephen…

    Great site! Considering this is one of my favorite hotel brands, I can tell you that the site nails it. It’s a great blend of interactivity and utility. I love the use of the visual 3-D engine and the LM100 feature.

    Well played.

    Andy Richter

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