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Ultrashock comes back from the dead but should we care?

Back in 2001 the launch of really got my attention as it was the first Flash resource site at that time that catered to professional Flash designers and developers. Sadly, the site never picked up steam and died a slow death as it was rarely updated with few tutorials or useful content added after the initial launch period. Now the site is back with version 2 sporting a new design and all-new content. A review reveals that all the useful and cutting edge content that first got my attention is gone and has been replaced with low grade stock photos, sounds, illustration, forums and a blog. It is easy to see that this re-design was little more than an effort to see how little they could do to revive the site as a revenue stream using the halo of the old site. The only hope is that the site is labeled as beta so maybe there is some small hope that they will try ad restore the site to it’s former glory.

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