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2007 ONE Show Annuals

One of the problems with changing jobs and states is that you lose track off all the little things like magazine subscriptions and professional memberships. Over a year later I am finally caught up and my newly renewed ONE club membership brought the latest ONE show awards annuals to my office door. I have made no secret that the quality of the work chosen for these publications doesn’t get to me very excited. I think this problem is compounded for interactive annuals since the very mediums let’s us see work from anywhere in the world almost immediately after it is launched. I say all of this not to simply torture the same topic again but rather explain my state of mind as I unboxed this new set of annuals today.


When you first see the annuals what is going on doesn’t sink in immediately. In the case of the Interactive Annual the cover reads “I AM ________ THIS BOOK. PG: ________”. It isn’t until you open the cover of the book and see there are several pages of stickers inside. The first one simple has “IN” and “NOT IN” which can be placed in the first blank on the cover. There are then two pages of numbers which can be placed in the second blank on the cover.

There is also two sheets if small multi-colored stickers you can use to tag edges of key pages through the annual. They have a variety of saying like “Seen it”, “Done it” and my favorite “Had it, C.D. killed it”.

This isn’t an original idea since I watch my wife read Domino and Lucky magazines every month which both come with their versions of these stickers. That being said, I haven’t seen an annual do something like this before and it moved the experience of going through the books to be engaging, fun and personalized. It even made going through an interactive annual – well – interactive. So kudos to ONE club for doing something fun, creative and NOT SAFE!

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