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Coke Happiness Factory gets interactive

It took longer than I would have thought but Coke has launched an interactive version of their popular and imaginative TV commercial “The Happiness Factory”.The concept of the site is that you are an applicant who wants to join the team at the factory.

The process is directed by the factories receptionist who explains each section of the site in their own language with text balloons giving it to you in English. It is obvious that a significant amount of time and money went into the character animations which are fluid and well done. They come to life through the four “employees” of the factory which include the blob-like Chinoink, the furball Kissy Puppy and the shield-wielding Capper and the flame suited Mortar Man. Choosing one of these characters lets you assume their role in the factory to ultimately deliver the Coke bottle out the door. Those role are presented in the form of games where you kiss the bottle, helicoptering it to the next location or operate the bottle cap catapult.

Between the quality of the animation, that they did a good job of extending the material in the commercial and that the games are fun to play make the site an really nice and engaging experience. It is also nice to finally see a good interactive version of imaginative material like the TV spot as I am repeated so disappointed to see material like this have a thin and uninspired online experience. The only other site I could think to put in this category would be the one for Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride which is if you missed is definitely a must see.

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