To Top goes dull was a smash hit because it was original, really funny and was really a surprise since you never saw it coming from a company like Phillips. Now they are trying to catch lightning in a bottle again with the second version of ShaveEverywhere to launch their new Ear and Nose trimmer with the concept that growing hair in those areas is ‘Second Puberty’. The site follows a similar structure to the original with an intro video and then the ability to explore the concept and product.

Even if I hadn’t seen the original site, for me nothing here is funny. It feels like it was all taken from the cutting room floor of Saturday Night Live with a bad take on one of their spoof commercials followed by and interactive version of a Robert Smigel cartoon.

Maybe I am reading too much into this but every time I have worked on a marketing site for a client and it had a vanity URL some combination of a new year, a new product line, a new client or a new CMO would usher in an update to the site banishing the previous version to the Way Back Machine. In this case, you can still access the original version of the site and it feels like a white flag saying that the agency and the client knew this new version was going to fall flat so they better keep the good version around a while longer.

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