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Microsoft goes Left and Right

Microsoft has decided to piggy back on to the growing political frenzy by launching Left vs Right which is a more humorous and less annoying spoof of Hannity & Colmes. You can type in hot-topic political terms like “Iraq war”, “gay marriage” or “the economy” and watch the response from two fake pundits, a liberal male and conservative female, who exchange short and funny point-counterpoint arguments. The Microsoft tie-in comes in the form of a screen that opens behind the anchors that shows actual Microsoft Live Search results.

This site is a follow up to last years Ms. Dewey which I think was more engaging and entertaining than this new version. So while Left vs Right is well done, Ms. Dewey was able to do a much better job of integrating the Live Search into the concept and in this new version it feels like it was more of an after thought that was bolted on in the end.

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