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Domino’s finally goes beyond the radio button with BFD

Ordering pizza online hasn’t ever been anything more checking a long series of radio buttons then putting in your address and credit card info. I have always been amazed that companies that are completely consumer facing with customers of all technical abilities never made this a more intuitive process.

Dominos is finally stepping up to change that with the resurrection of their “30 minutes or less” tag line they developed a site that lets customers visually build their own pizza through a simple and well designed experience. The site specifically supports their “Big Fantastic Deal” program thus the name BFD. Users create their own BFD by picking their crust, cheeses, meats and “unmeats”. You can then submit your order or name and register your pizza to order it again later and let the public see and order your creation as well. I like this addition of the community aspect as it makes the site more accessible to customers of technical abilities and they are more likely to come back to the site to see how their creations are fairing with the public. The site and experience is simple, well done and amazing it took so long to be created.

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