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Hyundai – Think about it

Hyundai has launched a new microsite to support their “Think About It” TV campaign. The user experience and site content unfolds in a 3D environment from the main screen shown above and uses a voice over to narrate the experience.

The content is a wide variety of material from video montages about their electronic stability control to an interactive section called ‘save the egg’ where users can create a rude vehicle to protect an egg from a 30-foot drop. The egg is the most fun and engaging section of the site as you want to replay it a few times to see what happens with different combinations. The ultimate point o the section being to show that the right selection of safety equipment is essential.

From a design perspective the site is well done if not a touch on the generic side. The animation, VO and interface design are all used skilfully so the focus stays on the content and it doesn’t become an exercise in production techniques. I do wish that the 3D main menu was able to be integrated into the whole site as it changes to a linear time line style navigation when you leave the home page.

I am not sure what happened with Hyundai but their interactive work over the past year has gone through the roof. This site isn’t as good as the Santa Fe site they did last year which is still my favorite with the Venacruz e-catalog probably coming in even with his new entry. This body of work is a credit to whomever is leading their interactive design especially when you see iconic brands like BMW who were so strong in the space but now have become safe and predictable.

All of this brings me back to a core frustration with our industry. No matter how great your ideas, your campaigns or your design – all we can do is get them to the door. If the product doesn’t deliver on the hope and promise we created then it all falls apart. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the company and product itself can undergo the same transformation as I think most consumers aren’t to a place where they would associate the words great design or quality and Hyundai.

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