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Can Behance Network finally make multi-location collaborate creative teams work?

Not too long ago I received an invitation to the join the beta of a new open platform for creative professionals called the Behance Network. It is an interesting idea that is centered around creative projects, portfolios, and collaborations. Those concepts comes to life by letting you show your work through a gallery, connect with other creative professionals, potential clients, and project opportunities through ‘circles’ which allow people of similar interests to group together (my circle is here if you are interested in joining), see freelance and collaboration offers through a GigList and finally gather tips and resources to help you make ideas happen.

I get links for things like this all the time and have seen others try to do this idea of collaborative creative teams but this is the first site that looks like it had the thought, resources and support to really have a chance at becoming a new and viable creative project model. Only time will tell if can really make it happen if you can get an invite into the beta it is worth checking out.

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