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Blue Harvest does digital right

I have always been disappointed that entertainment industry has never done a better job with interactive. The sites and digital assets always feel like an after thought which I never understood since they have content most of us would kill to work with.

FOX recently released the Family Guy Star War remake called ‘Blue Harvest’ and were really smart about how they used interactive to promote the release and used digital to drive DVD sales.

They created a Collectible Figure Widget that you can embed on Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live, blogs and a host of other platforms. Creating content for these places isn’t unique but since they understand that the content is fun and the fans want to collect and interact with it. So by taking the time to create the widget with a good amount of content and an new design like the original Star Wars action figures they create something that fans would flock to post.

What they did for the release of the DVD was unique and something I hadn’t seen before. When you purchased a physical of the DVD you also got a digital copy for your computer, iPod or iPhone for free on a second disc. Put the disc in your computer, it launches iTunes where you enter the code from the packaging and it starts downloading the digital copy for free. It is the first time I have seen a studio embrace the fact that consumers want to access their media in multiple place in multiple formats and by doing this they have create a true DVD extra I really want.

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