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My Talking Stain

One of the favorite commercials from the Super Bowl was for Tide and the Talking Stain which featured an unsightly, chatty shirt stain on a guys shirt during an interview.

The microsite that was tagged at the end of the spot and supports the campaign does a good job of recognizing how a commercial like this can take off in different ways online and gives consumers the tools to encourage this movement. First, you can “be the stain” by uploading a photo of you or a friend to be the face of the stain and dialing an 800 number to voice the stain yourself. The site also is the first I have seen that gives you the tools to create and upload your own spoof to Tide’s YouTube channel. They will then pick the best one at the end of the contest. I think it is really smart to embrace and encourage this behavior because it gets consumers in invest something person into your brand and has them creating viral content for you. It is a really nice change to see a smart, integrated campaign like this that is so smart about how is it using digital to support and extend the offline campaign.

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