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Porsche Bloodlines runs thin

Porsche has launched a new site to support their latest TV campaign called ‘Bloodlines’. The stated purpose of the site is to prove that it’s gasoline and adrenaline that runs through all incarnations of the brand but for me the site runs thin.

There are 12 different main navigation options but this number is deceiving as none of them amount to much in the way of content or engagement. You can navigate through the heart of the site that are the 6 main Porsche models parked in different locations. Each model only has one main photo with a short blurb about it’s features and the ability ‘Rev the engine’ and trigger the corresponding audio clip. Like so many sites lately it is well produced but seems confused about it’s purpose as there isn’t enough content to either entice or engage a new buyer or interest an existing owner. The only section that offers anything of interest and tries to tie it all together is the ‘Audio IQ Test’ where you can guess the car based on the sound of it’s engine.

I would have thought Porsche would have wanted to cater to the passion of car enthusiasts and made this a deep and rich experience that would have really would have delivered on their heritage and bloodline. For me, boiling the bloodline down to a sound byte doesn’t do justice to the passion and heritage of their cars and makes the cars and brand feel small and cheap and anyone who has even driven their cars or seen their price tag would agree neither is the case.

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