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AA Flagship Experience

My former employer which most people still know as Temerlin McClain that then became t:m advertising and just re-branded again to TMA has launched a new site for American Airlines called The Flagship Experience. The site was created to re-launch their business and first-class seating on international flights. It is the most visually rich airline site I have ever seen but it feels like one of those projects were the client asks you to create a site with no assets and too little information.

You can see the seat in it’s various configurations but since we are all jaded travelers we know that the backdrop is an over promise and the experience will never be that spacious and experiental. Additional information is limited to three text based pop-ups and no additional photos which leaves you wanting more. If this site can evolve and get deeper content then it could become a real standout in the space but right now it’s sadly more sizzle than steak.

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