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Sprout could grow into something great

I have been waiting all year from some to design something that would get me excited and today it showed up. Sprout is a very cool and very easy tool for building your own microsites, widgets and mash-ups. Their tool will be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever used any Adobe products with a very robust interface that will you work with images, audio, video and data sources from sites like Google and Yahoo. You assemble the pieces you want on different pages, hook it all up to your data, make a nav and you have your own widget from scratch in under an hour. Plus when you make any enhancements they will automatically be pushed put to everyone using it when you re-publish it. I have only scratched the surface and intend on continuing to work on my widget for this blog (which you can see and grab here) but have other idea of things I want to try as well.

I love to see this kind of innovation in digital tools. They are simple yet powerful and I would love to see Blogger and WordPress evolve to a model more like this so we could finally bring more and better design to the “ProSumer” digital space.

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