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Flock – A new browser brings it all together

Between the agencies and technology companies I have pitching me at work and the research I do for this blog I don’t feel like I miss much. A friend of mine, who is just as up to speed on everything digital, sent me a link today and after seeing it we both felt like we had caught flat footed. We saw this, how polished it was and how thought out it was and couldn’t stop saying – how did we miss this? This all gets even weirder when all the fuss is about a new browser called Flock.

This is like a cross platform Swiss Army knife of everything in your digital life and they are calling it a social network browser. It’s broken down into three areas – Active, Share and Know. Active is the integration of things like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and RSS so you can access all of them from one place. Share centers around the ability to drag and drop photos and video to you friends and sites. Know will alert you to new emails, notifications, posts from your friends or your favorite sites update.

Right now there is only one extension called Me.dium which is an interesting take of social web browsing and and a real time map of the Internet where you can see what your friends and other people in the system are doing.

All of this can be overwhelming to people who do not consume this information but I am always bouncing from site to site, consuming content, looking for new content, and spending a lot of time trying to take it all in. So for me having all of this come to me in one place very appealing.

The browser is just at a 1.0 stage so it still very early in it’s life cycle but even at this early stage you can see the huge potential of what this could become.

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  1. Toby V

    March 6, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    The only thing I find curious with Flock is this; why would you want to use a native ap instead of SaaS?

    All of the stuff that Flock does is implicitly linked to being on-line.

    With SaaS aps you’re “at home” on any browser on any machine– ultimate flexibility.

    Good or bad design aside, I’m not sure this type of ap is the wave of the future.

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