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PicLens – Taking photo browsing beyond the browser

Looking for photography is not the highlight of any designer’s day. I got a browser plug-in today that takes this process in an interesting new direction. It is called PicLens and it lets you search and see photos from sites like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Flickr and others. This in itself isn’t any great revelation but it integrates into these sites or works by itself and when launched it has a full screen 3D interface that displays the results like a long wall. You can move up and down the wall, zoom in on photos of interest or change it into a more traditional 2D viewer. It is all very slick and fairly addictive since you can move seamlessly between the sites and see what each term will return on each site.

The interesting thing that could develop here is the trend towards consuming content through browser that bypasses the portals all together. With this I can search Yahoo and Google without ever going through their home pages so the sites lose those ad impressions and that revenue. If the right application comes along and this develops into a main stream trend then the portals could be looking at having to rethink a decent part of their ad model.

No matter happens it is an interesting piece of technology that is an interesting idea starter how this could be used for client work in the future.

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  1. burningthroat

    March 18, 2008 at 9:20 am

    it’s a great app. but look out if you use firefox a lot. it makes it slower. especially if you use yahoo mail with firefox. piclens does something with the cookies and checking your mail will be impossible with piclens installed! shame, because i like the app. hope they can fix it.

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