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Publicis & Hal Riney uses innovative nav interface as core of re-design

Agency sites are usually nothing to write home about. Leo Burnett is the only one that comes to mind. In this case the new site is for Publicis and Hal Riney. The twist for this site is front as center when you get to the site and see you can navigate it using a traditional mouse or your Web cam. For me the use of the Web cam as a navigational option saves the site because without it the experience isn’t very memorable. The visual design is made up of the nav sitting over plumes of red fluid that flow in the direction you are moving through the site. Using the webcam takes a little getting used to but is fun to play with but after a little while the novelty wears off and you are left with a design and content that isn’t as memorable as the interface.

This goes back to what I have said time and time again that technology and production techniques will never work s well or be as powerful as an idea. The reason why the Leo Burnett site is successful for me is that it has an interesting production technique BUT it is done through the black pencil that is their brand icon. This way the technique has a reason for being and isn’t just cool for the sake of cool. This new site for Hal Riney lacks that concept and idea so the technique is asked to carry the weight and it just can’t survive it.

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