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BMW launches The Ramp


Some former co-workers of mine have found their way down to GSD&M in Austin and have created a cool new viral campaign for BMW called “Rampenfest” to launch the new 1 Series. The campaign centers around Jeff Schultz who traveled to Oberpfaffelbachen, Bavaria to film a documentary about a small village and their Rampenfest. What is Rampenfest? It’s just like Octoberfest except there is a a 454 meter-high ramp that will launch the 135i over the European landscape and across the Atlantic onto U.S. shores.

You can check out the trailer here, the filmmaker’s blog here, become a fan on Facebook here and if you’re 21, female and willing to email a picture of yourself to be voted Miss Ramp, you can enter here.

The full campaign and movie are coming soon so keep an eye on it because this looks to be very cool an one of the more effective viral launch campaigns out there.

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