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Scion Speaks with your own coat of arms

Scion has launched a new microsite called Scion Speak that let’s users create their own Scion coat of arms. This site continues to support Scion’s positioning where they encourage buyers to customize their Scion to match their taste and personality. In this incarnation of the concept you create the coat of arms by choosing you creature, left and right elements, shield, shield icons, scroll and text. Once you have the look you like you can then use a paint can to color it all the way you want. You can then take your personal crest and use it for AIM icons, social network photos or even put on their cars.

I think the trend of letting users customize and create and extension of your brand is really smart. It takes the digital medium from a passive viewing experience into something that you invest your time and personality in which makes the brand personal and creates a connection.

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