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Lexus launches luxury style guide

The more work I do in the luxury sector the more I realize how much bad advertising and strategies existing to to talk to those people. The latest entrant into the fray is the Lexus Luxury Awaits. The press release I got said it is a “website designed for the women who reach for the first time the world of luxury”. I read that more than a few times and wasn’t able to really understand much beyond the fact that they were targeting women. Perhaps designer brands feel advertising is unnecessary due to the popularity that is already attainable to them for just being known as luxury brands. For example, brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are not seen advertising their products online as perhaps high-street stores are, but they’ll still achieve big sales, and those who can’t afford these luxury items will know about a Replica Louis Vuitton. However, Lexus isn’t as well-known as the household name Louis Vuitton, and so it is easy to question why there was less effort put into this advertisement.

The site contains almost painfully generic editorial tips that could come from anyone covering topics like travel, art, fashion and food. If you are going to do something like this you better have a distinct point of view ad unique insight that will get peoples interest and support your brands point of view. The best in this area is what Louis Vuitton has done for years with their travel guides that are sold through their store and support traveling their brand point of view.

The design feels Here again it just doesn’t feel genuine since they used so many stock photos that it feels fake and like Lexus doesn’t have a point of view of their own. The navigation is all over the map with to easy way to move between sections or to really feel like you know what is going on. You go from picking a generic luxury word, to picking a generic image to content on a virtual card and at every level you are search for how to get back to the level before it to go down a different track. You quickly realize that luxury shouldn’t be this much work.

Hopefully Lexus will soon realize that if you are going to play in the luxury market you have to do it with more than lip service and have something real to say because if you don’t your brand feels cheap and hollow.

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