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Affordable Ferrari Teaser

I love cars and for as long as I can remember only one brand has consistently been the object of my desire – Ferrari. If I ever win the lottery, the next day you would find me ripping up the back road of Westchester in a red F430, as soon as the exotic car movers have delivered it.

For a few years now there have been rumors of an “affordable” Ferrari in the works that would be a bridge into the Ferrari brand from the high end models of their sister brand Maserati. The F149 has now been named as they new Ferrari and they have recently launched a teaser site for the car.

The teaser site is concepted out of an understanding of the what sparks the day dreams and memories of their customers – the sound of a Ferrari engine. It is the perfect way to debut a new Ferrari. Since it is a teaser and they don’t want to show the car yet they have the engine from Awake (startup) to Release (running on a test track). The sounds are visually represented by by a series of neon lines that react like a more stylized version of an Oscilloscope. It all ends with a countdown clock that is winding down to a little over a week from now when the ‘See’ portion of the site will open up to show photos of the car. A second clock can be found in the nav that is counting down to a little over two months from now when the ‘Feel’ portion of the site open up presumably letting you know when the cars are arriving in Ferrari dealerships.

It’s great to see a brand that understand itself and it’s customers so well and is able to craft a communication strategy that talks to those customers across time and a series of events. So for now I will be interested to see how the site evolves and will have to start buying more lottery tickets to get that F430 in my driveway.

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