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Brand Tags – Using clouds to explore brand perception


We all know that since branding deal with perception that it can be more art than science. Noah Brier who is a strategist with Naked Communications has launched an interesting experiment called Brand Tags to explore the popular perception of numerous major brands. When you first come to the site you are presented with a brand logo and an entry field where you can type in the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of that brand. You can then keep going through more brands or see the results which let you see the results for each brand as a tag cloud. The largest tags are often what you would expected them to be but for me the really interesting ones are the small tags as they can be amusing and insightful. Some of favorites are “Leash” for BlackBerry, “Drug” for Red Bull, “Evil” for Disney, “Meatballs” for Ikea and finally “Help! my penis is stuck in the toaster and this is my only form of communication!” for American Idol. Obviously this isn’t a highly scientific experiment but I think that can be a good thing when it comes to understanding perception because some times this is the way to get to a key truth. If you are interested in having your brand participate in the experiment there is a form where you can submit it for consideration. It will be interesting to see what brands get added, how the clouds grow and what gets done with the information.

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