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Behance Action Method – Making ideas happen.


I like all conferences, the HOW conference has been a mixed bag of sessions ranging from the really good to the just plain strange. The best session so far was by Scott Belsky who is the founder of the Behance Network which I have written about before. His session was called “Tips for Productivity: Making Ideas Happen in the Creative Community” which was more clinical than the content of speech. He talked about the hundreds of interviews they conducted with some of the world’s top design teams to come to the conclusion that creative project ultimately depends on organization, accountability and action. All of that rolls up into their Action Method that has a lot of interesting insights into the creative method based on that research. There is also a tip exchange where people post ideas about how they have improved their process and some of them are interesting.

They have also created Behance Outfitter where they sell things like the Action Book that let’s you bring their method to life in your every day work. I picked upa few to try out because I like that they were designed to aide in the creative process. I also picked up their Dot Grid Book that I already use and love. It is a more sophisticated paper for me than graph paper or vellum since it is just a dot grid that is just the perfect amount of reference for the types of things I draw.

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