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The Ego blogs out of the terrible two’s

Two years ago this blog took it’s first breath with an entry called The Ego is Blogging that took a look at what doing something like this really is – nothing more than a singing, all dancing, testament to my self worth. I have built a lot of my career on trying to break down problems to get at the heart of what is going on so why change things up now.

Year two was a really interesting journey where I have again been amazed with the number of people who read what I have to say but I have also struggled with the responsibilities that come with criticizing someone else’s work. There was a stretch where I felt like all I did was post sites that I thought were flawed and I didn’t like that. I think that without a doubt analysis and feedback need to be at the heart of any creative process but I wanted to make the content more balanced. I wanted that balance because I feel like I own you more than just pick out the easy observations and I needed to challenge myself to create better content. Coming out of that I decided that if means that I don’t post as much and passed on the obviously flawed sites in favor or better quality opinions then that was fine by me. It is a process that I am still going through and time will tell how successful it is.

I continue to think that this has been a fantastic experience and it turned out better than I ever thought it could. I was humbled by the Webby Honoree this year since there is a lot of great work that gets entered into that competition. I want to sincerely thank all of you for your time and interest. It takes a village so I would love to hear from you when you find work you love, work you hate or if you have any ideas about what you would like to see more of here.

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