To Top V2 finally coming soon

Why is it a universal truth that designers are their own worst clients? I will be the first to admit that my eyes were bigger than my stomach when it came to re-designing my portfolio site as it has dragged on for nearly two years and that is ridiculous.

It is amazing how much time slips by when you decide you are going to re-do everything from the ground up with an all new design and a structure that will be much easier to update and maintain but that comes with a far more complicated series of technical problems that have to be solved first. Once the huge amount of coding was finished the largest amount of time on this new site has been spent writing and updating the portfolio section which was missing nearly three years of work. I am not kidding myself that the design is going to set the world on fire but I have made my peace with that since this is a product of my free time and there just isn’t very much of that anymore. The portfolio section has been organized into 35 featured clients that have 73 different projects and those projects have 176 designs and 31 videos of sites and campaigns design work. I will have another projects uploaded shortly after the site launches.

One of things that I like the best is that I finally took the first step in addressing a problem that has bugged me for years. The problem is that designers are such creative people who choose to let the their talent and work be represented by a plain text Word document. First I thought I would just run it through InDesign, put some good typography and information design to it but I quickly realized that all I did was put whip cream on the onion and that I hadn’t fixed the problem. So the new resume design in the new site goes back to zero to take a look at what a resume could be if it is approached from a more visual perspective.

I am glad to say that I recently found the motivation and focus that will have all of this ready to launch in the next month and obviously I will post when it goes live but more to come soon!

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