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What if Satan were a brand?

I have been doing a lot of reading lately to take a survey on what other people are thinking in the world of branding theory and I have found some interesting experiments that I have been posting. The latest comes from Von Glitschka over at Art Backwash who took on the challenge of how would Satan and his minions sell their brand if it was a literal mark containing the number 666? His guidelines for creating the brand were where:
– Has to be in the logo.
– A brand name has to be developed. (Think “Zoloft”, “Viagra” or “Crestor.”)
– Must use “Red”. (Satan owns this color. Sorry “Target” and “Coke.”)
– Spend no more then 30 minutes on it. (Have work to do.)
– Approach it like a corporate client.
– No cliches. (Think “Devil Horns” and “Trident.”)

Click here to read his whole article and see the different solutions he came up with.

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