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SG Blog lands on the AdAge Power 150

I know the Power 150 sounds like a classic rock FM Radio station from Detroit, but it is instead AdAge magazine’s ranking of the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world. When you go there you notice that right now the list on the AdAge 150 is more like 646 and it grows and shrinks every every week depending on who gets listed and taken off. The list uses an algorithm to create the rankings based on the sum of eight sources. Seven of sources come from Google, Bloglines, Alexa, Yahoo! and Technorati with whe last as the editors own personal subjective measure.

My blog landed on it’s first listing at a respectable #512 and them promptly dropped three places. I can already tell that ranking number is going to be something I am not going to be able to watch everyday or it will drive me crazy. I do encourage you to cruise through the list because I did find a lot of new blogs that did have some really good content and a few that completely boggled my mind as why they were ranked ahead of me. So get out there, tell your friends, link to my site, favorite it on Technorati and save my sanity.

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