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Taking Flash off the screen with Adobe Creativity Conducted

I saw Ken Martin the Chief Creative Officer at Blitz, an interactive agency from Los Angeles, today and it reminded me that I never wrote about some really cool work they did for Adobe called ‘Creativity Conducted’. It debuted at the Adobe MAX 07 Conference in Chicago and was created to celebrate the history of Adobe and Macromedia. Instead of creating a simple timeline of major events they brought the challenge to life as an interactive wall experience that lets you paint images and designs using a Nintendo Wii remote control. You choose from different brushes that represent different events in Adobe’s history and when you start to use it you get a small pop-up showing you what the brush represents.

Two people can work on the canvas at the same time and the experience is created with a holographic-like quality with a projection system that shows the work on a specially made fabric canvas. The experience runs as a full screen Flash application projected at HD resolution of 30-60fps, running at 1280×720 resolution. To keep people moving through the experience, every person is timed with an ink well that will run dry and thus end that session. When it is over it captures the work in full HD and emails the artist the work as well as posting it to Flickr. You can see a video of it in action that was posted to YouTube by clicking here.

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