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Yugo Nakamura is at it again with Uniqlo Try

Yugo Nakamura is at it again. For those of you who don’t know the name he is the guy behind the visionary work of the NEC Ecotonoha project and a number of sites for the clothing brand Uniqlo including their astounding global site. I reviewed the Unqilo site when it launched and I still think the Uniqlo Explorer section of that site it is one of the most amazing pieces of Flash work I have ever seen.

This time he is back with another microsite for Uniqlo focusing on undergarments. The site interface is made up of tiles with the faces of 343 Uniqlo customers. A question appear in the upper left hand side of the browser and the tiles re-arrange themselves to reveal the answer. Most of the questions are obviously centered around answers to questions about bra’s and fashion but there are some about things like your favorite animal, country or food that just feel like filler. You can filter the tiles being displayed by height, age, bra size and body type and only those tiles will be displayed for each question. Clicking on one of the tiles reveals information like age, height, bra size and even blood type.

As I said before, for me the original Uniqlo site that Nakamura create was a masterpiece of technical power and visual design but the sites since have never been able to recapture that vision. With each successive site since the original launch these sites seem to be becoming more and more about information design and production techniques than creating an engaging experience. This site seems to be the most guilty of those qualities, thought I am clearly not the target market, I find it hard to believe that seeing a bunch of charts would make a woman want to buy a bra. Part of the brilliance of their main site is that the cool visual mosaic that also information but it links directly to the product so the product makes up the experience. Here that link feels too removed and the experience too cold for a product like this. But again I am not the target market so I would some other opinions on this one to see what you think.

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  1. Angus F

    June 7, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Wrong link above for NEC Ecotonoha should be?

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