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Nike just does social change well with The Girl Effect

Nike going great and interesting interactive is nothing new but this is the first site from them I can remember that isn’t about one of their peroducts. The ‘The Girl Effect’ is a new microsite created by Wieden + Kennedy in Portland is designed to show how adolescent girls in developing countries can bring unprecedented social and economic change to their families, communities and countries. The site starts with a two and a half minute intro that is the only one I have seen in the past 10 years that I actually enjoyed. It is a simple but extremely well designed and written introduction to the site and what it is trying accomplish.

The site is broken up into three sections – Learn, Change and Share. Learn explains the problem in more details and gives you access to four videos that details the lives of four women. Change links you over to their section on where you can donate money to send a girl to school, help fund a legal case or give a microloan among other things. Share is one of the most comprehensive offline and online viral kits I have seen with the usual online social media including a YouTube channel as well as posters, stickers, logo, banners, etc.. This is one of the first social change sites I have seen from a major brand that goes beyond the lip service and minimal action that will get their press release picked up to something that is trying to effect real change. It will be interesting to watch how this grows and what other brands run to mimic it.

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