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Smart Cars get even smaller online

I have started to see more and more SMART cars rolling around here in New York City since they finally launched here in the U.S. a few months ago. SMART Japan has just launched a new site called Play > Smart that lets you use Papervision3D to design and drive your own digital version of the car. The design process is simple enough with the ability to choose color, accents and wheel types. Once it is create you can take it out for a spin on one of the six course they currently have loaded. The interesting thing here is that when you drive you have to go through a series of markers to move through the course and your car leaves a lines behind it as it drives. When you are done you see that the markers work like connect the dots so your path through the course forms basic symbols etc. Overall I don’t know that the experience would do much to change my perception of the brand but it is a nice way to introduce new customers to the advantages of the car.

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