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NowPublic – Crowd Powered Media

Any one who has been awake for the past few years has seen the rise of user generated content in how it has been used in all kinds of different forms. Today one of the most interesting uses I have seen so far with Now Public that is crowd powered news source. People from all over the world can submit stories, photos, videos and audio whey the user thinks is news and the site defines as “new information on current events”. Once the content is posted it is policed by the site and members for bad content but good content is rewarded so the best stories rise to the top of searched and listings. You can find what you are looking for by searching or explore one of the site’s channels which are local, world, culture, environment, tech, health, style, sports and strange categories. you can see it is still getting it’s legs but in a day and age when CNN seems to be more concerned about writing headlines that will look good on t-shirts why couldn’t this take off and give the big guys a run for their money.

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