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Shazaam – the magic iPhone app

If you have spent anytime playing with the flood of apps that came with the launch of the 2.0 iPhone software you have no doubt found that it is a real mixed bag. There are some really innovative apps like Loopt and some real disappointments like Facebook. The one app that I have been just blown away by is Shazaam and if you haven’t checked it out go and get the free download now. The app was created to help you identify a song when you hear it on the radio, on TV, in a film or even over the load speaker system is a store. The way it works is that when you hear a song you want to identify you launch the app and let it “listen” to the song for about 10-20 second and then it will give you all the art info, album art, store it to build your own soundtrack, link to buy it in iTunes and the ability to email it to friends. I started by flipping around my XM radio in my car when I was stuck in traffic testing it on popular songs and it got the songs right 100% of the time. It is also worth noting that you get the results within 5-10 second even over mediocre EDGE connections (I still have the original iPhone). So the more I tested it and the more it got right the more I felt the need to try and stump it. So I left the alternative and pop stations behind and moved on to trying rare electronica, imported ambient and live blues. In the end out of 60 songs it got 59 right and only blanked on an ambient track by Zero 7 which is obscure enough that it can easily be forgiven. It is a cool app that is a great use of portable technology with extra hooks like the social aspect and ability to go right to iTunes to buy the song that will keep it on my iPhone for a long time to come.

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