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Through the course of my careers I have been faced with the challenge of how to create a branding system that would support multiple sub-brands but have those brands roll up to a master brand. It is a lot harder than it sounds. In the case of The Luxury Collection it is made up of 69 of the world’s most iconic and award-winning properties that each have historical importance and are completely unique. As such they all have their own unique style, logo, and brand equity. The design of was the first step and design work that was done in trying to solve this problem.


The redesign, which was done in collaboration with BBDO Atmosphere and their phenomenally talented creative director Arturo Aranda, was the first step in their re-branding and the creation of the brand’s new global visual language. The strategy and inspiration for the site came from the world of art museums and galleries where you can see unique and varied works of art from across history that are bound by the curation of the museum that brought them together and made them into a collection.

Explore the Collection

Explore the Collection brings this strategy to life with the properties displayed as slivered works of art against a large white background like the works lining the walls of a museum. You can either explore the slivers by rolling over them or search interactively by Destination or Pursuit which will narrow down the numbers of slivers displayed.

Global Cultural Calendar

The Cultural Calendar so that consumers would have access to the international collection of upcoming unforgettable events curated by each region. The visual design was created to mirror the visual language that uses a similar system of square to form the property logos in to the collection that makes up the brand. Any region that has an upcoming event will be filled in with colored squares so consumers can learn about and book experiences from Chinese New Year in Mauritius to the Bali Arts Festival in Indonesia to the International Aegean Sailing Rally in Greece.

Here is a sample of the final visual language work that was created out of the web site design work. This simple visual system allows for each property to retain it’s own unique logo and color while the consistent formatting creates the curation system that makes them all into the Luxury Collection. In print and online advertising this is re-arranged into one long line so the colors form a visual mnemonic so that the collection is always represented in every communication.

The site design and resulting visual language is one a body of work that I am really proud of as it as able to solve a number of complex branding and design problems in a visually strong and elegant way.

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