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Converse tries to tie 20 sites in to a big idea

Converse recently launched a new campaign called ‘Connectivity’ and online portion of the campaign features an Elf Yourself OfficeMax-esque 20 microsites to support the launch. For me the URL’s of the sites may be the best part of the whole online experience as you start out at the appropriately name that features wallpaper of Converse wares in the background among other images, visitors can scroll down a menu of several URLs. These off shoot sites have names like that features a short film of several talking shoelaces, that shows a kissing display of a bearded guy who’s kissing a message on a glass surface with what could be icing or shaving cream. The most creative and interesting for me is where by spelling a word in Google, a paid search ad shows up at the top to take you to the next round. At any point you can go directly to Converse’s official “Connectivity” destination. Where you can see all the Converse spokespeople and hear a song written by Pharrell Williams.

When taken as a whole it is an interesting experience but I’m not convinced of how well I think it really works. When you look at past examples like when Office Max launched a similar barrage of multiple sites a few holidays ago it was only Elf Yourself that caught on and everyone remembered. Maybe I have too narrow if a view of online advertising when I favor having one strong experience instead of a number of lesser experiences that may or may not add up to something more for consumers. It is that may or may not part that I struggle with since you are using a concept shotgun to throw a lot of content out there and hope that one of them catches on. I will keep an eye on it to see if one of them catches on and I would love to hear from anyone who use this strategy to hear how successful it was or wasn’t.

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