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Adobe takes a little Creative License

Anyone who has been paying attention to this blog has seen that I have not been a fan of what Adobe has been doing to reach out to the creative community. To me it has felt too simplistic and at times just not very imaginative or well thought out. Now they have launched yet another new site and platform called Creative License. This new site has launched with 5 video case studies that detail the work of individual artists and agencies. The content is pretty good and worth watching while this site holds promise to become something interesting but at the end of the day I just don’t believe it will last or that Adobe will follow through. The few glimmers of hope they launched in the past never got off the ground. The Adobe Inspire Experience Design launched with very little content but the promise of becoming something interesting and now sits empty with an “on vacation” sign and no way into the site. Also the fact that they created this new video content yet it doesn’t appear anywhere on their completely video focused Adobe Media Player. For me until Adobe can prove to me that that really care about all these sites and actually add new content to them or they get some focus I am not going to invest much into their short lived project.

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