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Kidrobot and The Simpsons – the final word

I wanted to put this whole Kidrobot Simpsons thing to rest because the last few days have brought about a few interesting turns of events. Needing to keep up my stuborn ways I did repost my question under a new account which racked about 40 pretty good responses from other collectors, a Kidrobot designer, the Guru who threw me off the site in the first place and I think even Paul Budnitz but I’m not sure. It also quickly became clear I was not alone in the way I felt when I saw Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz posted a LONG response and explanation on his blog about the subject. Part of which reads:

“The day Kidrobot starts creating by the rules, even if we WROTE the rules, is the day we’re going to begin to truly suck. We will no longer be acting in the service of life — and when that happens I invite our fans to tell us to fuck off. I am serious about this.”.

He also then went on to explain that in the case of the Simpsons, Matt Groening actually redrew all of his characters in a Kidrobot-Dunny-Munny style for the toys so they were not direct copies from the show. So in the end I got what I wanted which was an explanation. Still pissed about the road I had go down to get it but I think there are a lot of creatives out there who talk big but when push comes to shove they lack the courage of their convictions. So if I agree with what he said or not I respect the fact that he owned the decision.

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