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Agency Blacklist

We have all seen it time and time again that in this industry your portfolio is king and horrible designers who were brutally fired for screwing something up and they get new jobs a week later with no reference checks at all. We all take each others word that we did and worked where we said we did. I was looking at the site for the agency BBH today and found that they had created an interesting application on their site called The Blacklist that is a dynamic record of everyone who’s ever worked at BBH, where they came from, where they went and what they like for a lot of the 2594 people who’ve worked there since 1982. Obviously anyone can view the application but only those who have worked there can contribute. In an exercise in information design the application displays employees as small dots that arrange themselves into patterns displaying things like location, the agency logo and the number 25 for their 25th anniversary. It is a simple application that could have been done on any number of social networking sites but I like that an agency wants to remember the people who got it where it is and took the time to create a space just for that.

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