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Scion: United

Scion probably does digital better than any other car company out there right now and their latest entry is called United by Individuality. It follows on the heels of Scion Speaks and Scion Little Deviants which were both very well done and also stayed consistent to their core values of creativity, personalization, authenticity, and community.

This new site asked owners to submit images of their stock to wildly customized Scion’s and the 300 chosen vehicles are the stars of their new campaign which is supported by this new site. The centerpiece of the site is their new tv commercial that is broken down into numerous large blocks and shows a pixelated version of the commercial with each block represented by one of the 300 chosen vehicles. You can turn this pixelated grid on and off so you can flip between this mosaic and the real commercial. The rest of the site is made up of behind the scenes commercial, photos of the cars, copies of the advertising and various downloads.

In the end the site falls flat for me for me because the site doesn’t do anything but play a supporting role to the print and tv. Their last two outings have been smart, robust and engaging experiences but here all the content is either the ad campaign, it’s supporting assets or behind the scenes content. The video mosaic of the TV commercial is an interesting presentation and use of the assets but I’ve seen it on a number of other sites. I don’t know if it because of tightening budgets or because the model year has pretty much come to a close but I hope their next effort brings them back to form.

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