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EA uses Tiger Woods, Jesus and a gamer to launch new video game.

About 11 months ago a gamer who goes by Levinator25 posted the following video to YouTube show a glitch in the EA game Tiger Woods 08 called the “Jesus shot” since you can hit the ball standing in the middle of a lake.

The video made the rounds with gamers all over the world having a good laugh at this interesting gaming opportunity. 11 months later the launch of Tiger Woods 09 comes around and EA posts this video in response to the Levinator25 video.

By all accounts Levinator25 is really a gamer and wasn’t paid by EA for the original video. I believe this since it took them 11 months to respond to it and I have to believe that if they were linked then the response would have been much faster. This as an interesting event as it is the first time I have seen any part of an advertising campaign respond to a medium like YouTube and the passionate people who post these videos for or against certain brands and products. Given the original video by Levinator25 was fun and harmless so it made good fodder for the response but it is the acknowledgment that it existed that I think most interesting. It will also be interesting to watch to see what other brands follow suite and if they are able to respond in a more timely manner than a year later.

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