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Like the product they are advertising, Crispin’s Microsoft ad crashes

I know I am in the minority in my option that Crispin Porter didn’t hang the moon when it comes to advertising. I think that for they either really hit a home run or they really miss and their usually isn’t much in the middle. A few months back everyone waited with baited breath for their new Nike work and that gave way to waiting for their new $300 million dollar work for Microsoft. Could they one up Apple and Chiat/Day? All those question were answered when it landed last week and it got my friends talking. It got us talking about what the hell were they thinking and how much we admire the salesmanship of Cripsin to be able to get work that mediocre and expensive past a client. I just don’t understand the strategy in creating advertising that doesn’t talk about the product or fix their image problem. Help me here – am I missing something or is it really this pointless?

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  1. aaron/matt mobile

    September 14, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    I’ve heard that the first spot was just a teaser to get people talking. And they’ve accomplished that.

    I’ve seen the second one, with the two in a normal family home, but I’m still lost. Its not engaging and boring. I get that crispin wants to stick with the seinfeldlian ‘no story’ concept, but larry david always had a story to tell, even if there was no story. i guess well just wait and see how this plays out.

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