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Taking a wild ride with XM


The guys over at Firstborn Multimedia have launched another great site and this time it is for XM satellite radio. The site is called Wild Ride and follows the adventures of a group of animals taking a road trips through a landscape drawn in the XM illustration style. You navigate the site by using the arrows keys to steer their car from an over the shoulder perspective. You can change lanes to avoid traffic on the road or take an exit off the highway to get to the site content. I fspent 10 minutes just driving down the road exploring the world which is beautifully create and populated by imaginatively themed towns based on XM channels like rock or country music and sports. It brings their advertising style to life in a way their commercials never did and makes it a fun and compelling experience that works seamlessly works as the site navigation. The site content is made up of games and videos that are interesting but don’t match the unique experience of exploring the world. This site proves that a simple but good idea that is well executed can create a fun and compelling experience.

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