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  • LinkedIn launches applications

    After months and months in development LinkedIn finally launched their new application functionality yesterday. In the conversations I had with them...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 31, 2008
  • Maintaining creativity – Get to know your creative process

    Your ability to understand your creative process, your ability to observe how you have ideas and then be able to recreate...

    Back to basicsStephen GatesOctober 29, 2008
  • Branding – The New Pepsi Challenge

    After seeing decreases in sales between 2% and 5% in different beverage categories Pepsi has decided to put their branding through...

    BrandingStephen GatesOctober 28, 2008
  • Levis – one part sensitive onion, one part trowser beast.

    Levi’s is one of those brand that I am just not sure how to feel about anymore. On the one hand...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 23, 2008
  • Exploring the Bigman

    The agency Bigman from Sao Paulo Brazil launched a new site that is true to their name not too long ago....

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 21, 2008
  • Apple answers Crispin & Microsoft

    Tonight Apple started running their latest commercial to answer Microsoft and Crispin’s new “I’m a PC” campaign and I think it...

    FunnyStephen GatesOctober 19, 2008
  • How to take a screenshot on your iPhone

    I have been working on some iPhone application designs lately and stumbled across how to take a screenshot of your iPhone...

    Great resourceStephen GatesOctober 15, 2008
  • Cymbolism – what color is creativity?

    I found another interesting experiment today that looks at an aspect of creativity through mass opinion. This one is called Cymbolism...

    Great resourceStephen GatesOctober 14, 2008
  • Doritos opens Hotel 626

    With Halloween right around the corner, Doritos has launched a new horror-themed campaign called Hotel 626 to promote the re-launch of...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 13, 2008
  • Don’t drink and email with Goggle email Goggles

    Maybe technology may be able to save us from ourselves after all. Google has put a new feature called “Mail Goggles”...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 9, 2008
  • iObama

    I was just asked by the people over at the WebAwards to review both candidates Web sites and this is not...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 8, 2008
  • Site of the Week

    I wanted to say thank you to the good folks over at for picking my new portfolio site as one...

    Shameless self promotionStephen GatesOctober 8, 2008
  • Philips tries sharpening their humor with Manalogues

    Philips has just launched their third attempt to recapture the magic they found in the brilliant and original site from...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 7, 2008
  • My own Little Big Planet

    Back in April of this year I wrote about the upcoming PS3 exclusive video game called Little Big Planet that was...

    Digital cultureStephen GatesOctober 3, 2008
  • Solve fights the new fashioned way

    A new site called may be the greatest marriage and couples aide ever invented. The concept is that if you...

    Digital cultureStephen GatesOctober 3, 2008
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